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House Rules for our English Setter

I will allow the postman to bring mail that we DO need.
I will shake water out of my fur BEFORE going indoors.
I will accept that the binman is NOT stealing our stuff.
I will not destroy the newspaper while it's in the letterbox.
I will not eat the cats' food, before or after they eat it.
I will not roll in the mud, especially after having a bath.
I will not insist on having a car window open if it rains.
I will not go bonkers every time I hear a doorbell on TV.
I will not poke my head into the fridge whenever it's opened.
I will not bit the officer when he questions my master.
I will cease to be over affectionate to any of our visitors.
I will stop trying to bite at the pedals of passing cyclists.
I will not go mental whenever the word "cat" is mentioned.
I will not play dead whenever I am to to get off the sofa.

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