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Diomed The Life, Travels, and Observations of a Dog

Author: John Sergeant Wise

First Edition: 1899

The story of the English Setter Diomed, told by himself. He spent his life traveling with his master in search of games and narrates their hunting experiences in the Carolinas, Florida and elsewhere. The book also covers whelping, rearing, training and all aspects of work in the field. Included are two chapters about the artist J. M. Tracy, entitled "A Week with an Artist - Pampatike" and "How Pictures Representing Field Sports are Made".

Graham Sporting Dog1924

The Sporting Dog

Author: Joseph A. Graham

First Edition: 1904

Field Trial Record of Dogs SDL417066236 1 ef164Field Trial Record of Dogs in America 1874-1907

Author: Maj. J. M. Taylor

First Edition: 1907


Bruette CDBThe Complete Dog Book

Author: Dr. William A. Bruette

First Edition: 1921


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