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Pride of Gibraltar T

Pride of Gibraltar T
* 01.05.1912

was bred by J. T. Toohey, he has influenced the breed by his offspring in the US and in Europe.

Enno Meyer Postcard 1915 Postcard 1915 2
painted by Enno Meyer Postcard 1915 Postcard 1915


The following queries show the online results of the Willie Walker Pedigrees Database and all dogs have a link to their pedigree in the before mentioned database:

All ancestors of Pride of Gibraltar T:

Going back 24 generations we found 211 individual ancestors, which shows how closely bred he was, the 12 gen. COI is 36,59%.

6 generations offspring of Pride of Gibraltar T:

This query shows additionally to the names the year of birth, the country of birth and standing and results of Shows and Field Trials and below you can see how wide spread his offspring was after only 6 generations.


Pride of Gibraltar T's pedigree

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